GIVE A CHILD A CHANCE: As of today, you are now able to donate to Give a Child a Chance via Swedish Bankgiro. This makes it easier for contributors of small funds to donate directly to the project.
Maria Rosengren, project leader of Give a Child a Chance says “I do think this will make it easier for anyone to make a difference, and it is important to know, that as soon as the funds gets transferred, we make sure that the funds get well used. The money goes directly from you, to the children in need”.
She is very happy with the current result of the project and hopes that the project will go on for a long time. “It is really amazing to see the kids, whose lives we are able to improve everyday”.

For Swedes, you are free to use the bankgiro: 409-8323. International contributors may use the Contact page to get in touch regarding donations.