Some of our projects are a subject of donations and funding from small organizations.

5 EUR can give a child lunch for an entire week.

5 EUR can give a child lunch for an entire week.

An example is the project Give a Child a Chance, which is entirely built on funding from private donors (some of them active in Enovate) and smaller organizations.

If you are interested in getting involved, do not hesitate, no amount is too small – your contribution can make a difference.
For 5 EUR we are able to give a child lunch for an entire week!

You can easily donate to Give a Child a Chance by transferring money via Swedish Bankgiro: 409-8323.
To get in touch with us regarding donations, please use our contact page.


Working in countries with a lot of corruption can be challenging. We deal with corruption by constantly visiting our project locations, making sure all money is going where it needs to be.
We also have people responsible at each locating, making sure all money used is thoroughly presented.