• After almost a year of preparation, on the 27th of January the project was officially started – children in the school of Gorgi Sugarev, too poor to afford to bring food to school will daily be given lunch in school, something very essential for a successful education. The project is currently serving food to around […]

  • Some may not understand the importance of water, even more, the importance of purified water. It’s really what keeps the world going. The project named “Take Care of Our Purified Water” was thought out to through education, improve the quality of water in the Macedonian republic, at the save time saving important money. You’ll be […]

  • Project Harmony was the first project Enovate ever did. The pilot project. Through recycling, and renewable energy Project Harmony tried to achieve a more sustainable environment for Macedonia. A way for it to keep its beauty and save the people money. The project has still not received funding.