From today it is less than a week left until project “Give a Child a Chance” starts giving out free lunch to children who cannot afford to bring their own food to school.
This week and the next, project organizers from Enovate are in Bitola to supervise the start of the project, to make sure that everything is on track and to make sure that the funding will be spent well.

A new kitchen is currently being built at the school Gorgi Sugarev where the project will start. The Macedonian school located in the country’s second largest town, Bitola, has a big amount of romani students, many of whom cannot afford to bring their own lunch. Maria Rosengren, the project leader at Enovate means that this affects their education negatively.
“Most of the children targeted in the project only get one meal a day, dinner. Without breakfast and lunch they have no energy left to learn and study. This is why we feel that lunch is a very important issue, by handing out a free meal, the kids can properly focus on their education – education, which is a key to end poverty” says Maria Rosengren, she continues “This will also attract students who wouldn’t even attend to school. Now they get food, and they find a reason to learn”.

Learn more about the project here.