Give a Child a Chance After almost a year of preparation, on the 27th of January the project was officially started – children in the school of Gorgi Sugarev, too poor to afford to bring food to school will daily be given lunch in school, something very essential for a successful education. The project is currently serving food to around 350 students each day.

By giving out free food to those who maybe only can afford one meal per day, we are able to attract these students, many of which do not go to school and instead make them attend school, for the food. By doing so, we also help them to get an education. This also benefit those who already attend school, but need food to focus on their education and studies. Lunch is an essential meal for a successful education. And the way out of poverty is an education.

You can also get involved by donating, for 5 EUR we are able to give a child lunch for an entire week.
To contribute to Give a Child a Chance by transferring money
via Swedish Bankgiro: 409-8323.

About the project in media:

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