On Monday 1st of February, project Give a Child a Chance started serving lunch to 350 students at the school Gorgi Sugarev.
Every child from first through fifth grade is now being served lunch every single day. The project started 3 weeks ago, then only serving about 100 students.
“We noticed that the need was greater than we thought and we believe that this will affect the students and their education positively” says Maria Rosengren of Enovate.

She talks about the importance of not separating children, that all children should have the right to eat a free meal at school. “By selecting a few, we noticed that a gap was created between the students – those who got lunch and those who didn’t. That is why, after supervising the project we decided to equally give every child in grade 1-5 lunch” she continues. “It is difficult to describe the amazing feeling when you see the kids receive their lunch. It’s something the rest of us take for granted – but for them it is a gift”.